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Honest Review: UpBra

If you are looking for an amazing quality bra, that will do its job right and feel just as amazing on, look no further! This is coming from a girl who HATES wearing bra's. (TMI?) I don't think so. haha.

I've never shared this type of blog before, but it's time. Why? Because fashion is always changing, and fashion is part of my life and it's my job to tell you what works and doesn't. So when I decided to collaborate with UpBra, I'm not going to lie.. I was a little worried that this "bra" isn't going to support me.. I'm not THAT blessed ( haha) BUT I still like to wear these cute tops and dresses and feel like I'm able to fill them in with something that looks natural and staying comfortable. Basically, enhance what I already have!

I got a little scared the first time I received my box the bras looked WAY TOOO BIG!!! but I tried them on and boy was I surprised!

Like I said, I dislike wearing bras.. they always feel a little uncomfortable for me. I received the T-shirt Bra which is smooth, has seamless cups and the best part ... convertible shoulder straps. So convenient! What I love about this bra is the "Active Lift System"... It gives you the power to adjust the life and cleavage with just a PULL! Its so comfy, and perfect for everyday use.

Now, if you want to enjoy those strapless dresses and tops and not worry about them falling to your waist like a belt.. or the need to pull them so often the "Stay-Up Strapless UpBra" is the one for you! It's powerful and won't let you down ( haha) But if you do decide you want to purchase this bra, know it comes with straps so you'll get two uses in one!

Make sure to check them out and when you do, I want to hear how much you love them tooo!

Hope you all have a wonderful uplifting Day :)

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lisa shen
lisa shen
Jul 06

A push-up bra's underwire and padding help lift and shape the cleavage to make it look appealing and flattering. It also helps support and holds your breasts in the right position that looks natural.

By Henna

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