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Kitchen Must-Have: Gift Guide

Sponsored by Corelle Brands

If you are still on the hunt for a great gift idea or if you are wondering what you are missing in the kitchen; this is for YOU!

I've recently received my first Instant Pot Duo Crisp and Air Fryer and I'm IN LOVE! You guys, cooking is so easy with this! I have so much to learn with all these amazing features it carries but I'm loving the option for pressure cooking. I used it for soups, roast beef during thanksgiving, and more! It would be a great gift for your Wife, Mother, Husband, Dad, seriously it's for anyone who loves to cook and or want to learn how to cook! :)

I'm using this E V E R Y single day! I never had an espresso maker so this is a game-changer. I've been using it with the Instant Brands Instant Pod Milk Frother and Oh boy! Let's say, fewer Starbucks drive-thru and more coffee at home lately :) - Love the option that you can go from cold to hot froth in less than a minute! YUM! -- (btw I found great espresso pods at Trader Joe's that are so affordable and yummy!)

This is my absolute favorite; Cook and store all the leftovers! Makes clean up that much easier. it's deeper than the basic baking dishes and comes with a lid to store everything after you cook and eat! Check out this video I made using this glass baking dish!

More items I love and are perfect for everyone's kitchen:

Thank you Corelle Brands for sponsoring this post.

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1 commentaire

lisa shen
lisa shen
29 mars 2023

Could you be any more cuter? Thanks for the inspiration!

Have a wonderful day!

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