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Gift the BAG: Adelia Lizzard

Valentine's Day might be over, but you can gift your loved one with something special all year long!

Class, Timeless and Glamourous!

I've been loving Teddy Blake bags, and you have probably been seeing me wear them all the time.

As a mom, my bag is constantly being filled with all baby things! This bag honestly has replaced my diaper bag! It's spacious enough to hold all the necessities and more.

It can be the perfect bag for workwear looks, mommy looks, day to day looks and more! It fits a laptop perfectly as well! :)

To shop for this bag: it comes in three sizes. I have the LARGE and I LOVE IT!!

This outfit is so effortless, feminine and modest... If I could, I would wear this look all week long.

How would you style this bag?


Amira Omar

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