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What To Pack: Weekend Getaway

Are you heading out for the weekend this summer?

Packing last minute is no fun and that just means you tend to overpack! I've been there...

Lately I've been on the go, go, go every weekend and packing has gotten way less stressful and I've gotten much quicker. I'm no pro but here are my easy and fast weekend traveling essentials!

First you need a bag that can hold everything and stay stylish!! Meet my new Italian leather Weekender Bag: The Giulia Weekender XL Bag by Oliva Moda seriously fits EVERYTHING for my weekend away. It's a great size and airport friendly!

Best part of this collection it comes with the perfect clutch, extra travel straps, bottle case (I use it for makeup brushes!) as well as jewelry case!

TIP: PLAN BEFORE YOU PACK. Seriously, pick out each day’s look before you head out. It’s less stressful when you know what you want.

It’s always easy to grab one of your favorite jeans with two tops.. one casual and one a little more dressy. Pack your favorite summer dress or jumpsuit and boom you are done!

I find this easy to pack and also easy to dress up or down based on your accessories and shoes!

You don’t want to forget pajamas and most importantly phone charger. I need to be comfy in my sleep and knowing my phone won’t die on me haha!

Pack two outfits: Easier to know what you are going to wear than taking separate pieces and trying to figuring it out on the trip. Choose the accessories and shoes you’re bringing based on the outfits you’re packing, and choose some that go with multiple outfits.

Packing List

  1. 2-3 outfits, (Jeans, tops, dress)

  2. Just-in-case items, like jacket or sweater.

  3. Accessories, one purse and shoes for the outfits. (NO more than 2)

  4. Underwear, socks, pajamas.

  5. Electronic(s), charger(s), and other entertainment like a book if you are planing on reading!

  6. Toiletry Kit

What would you add to this list? Happy packing loves <3 xoxo,

This post was sponsored by Oliva Moda.

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