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Vtech Baby Toys: 0-3 baby must have

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx & Vtech.

- I can't believe baby girl will be turning 4 in just a week, time is flying by! This is the age you start to see more smiles, and giggles and they are playful. The perfect timing for all these fun little toys.

I'll admit, I'm guilty of buying too many toys for Nadia 😅 and now here we are with Avianna doing the same. This time, Vtech sent us a box of amazing baby products that not only are super fun and colorful for baby girl, (Nadia loves to play with her little sister and she's loving all the new toys too!) but they are great for learning, and help with developmental stages. (You can check them out here to shop.)

Multi-stage, developmental play mat/gym helps baby achieve motor-skill milestones

It's perfect for playtime/tummy time. Kicking the ball to play sounds and phrases is her favorite thing to do and gets her super excited!

The detachable activity panel teaches colors shapes and animals,

strengthening language skills and providing on-the-go play and exploration

with music and songs.

They also sent over the perfect soft book, VTECH Turtle’s Busy Day Soft Book: easily fits in the diaper bag for entertainment out of the house :) I love the little mirror and the caterpillar finger puppet. It's soft and easy to clean especially now that she is teething too!

The third item has been Nadia's favorite to play with and show Avianna how to use it, soo cute! The VTECH Turn + Learn Ferris Wheel Plays music and lights up and the best part it has a suction cup bottom which makes it easy to stick to any surface, especially the high chair.

These products would make the perfect gift; especially for a baby shower. I would have absolutely added the Vtech Kick & Score PlaygymTM on my baby registry :)

We also received a very soft blanket and footies Pajamas that she will be wearing in the next weeks for sure.

Head over to my Instagram to see these items in action. 

Thank You,

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1 Comment

lisa shen
lisa shen
Mar 29, 2023

Could you be any more cuter? Thanks for the inspiration!

Have a wonderful day!

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