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Top Quality SUV & Truck Oil: #RotellaGasTruckRollback


So we might not have gone with a truck with the big move to Texas, but a family SUV won our small family over. With that, lots of miles are placed with all the frequent short trips and miles being put on the car and we want to make sure that we have the maximum protection for our engine. Shell Rotella Gas Truck Oil in Walmart is the perfect match!

My dad was the one who would check my car and teach me how to check the oil in my car. Now, Nadia might not fully understand what her daddy is doing.. but it's a start! :)

We chose Shell Rotella because it provides unsurpassed wear protection, helps keep the engine clean, and protects horsepower. The synthetic base oil for added oxidation stability proved volatility and low-temperature properties.

While Elias shops for oil and get that all settled, Nadia and I just hung out and enjoyed a cup of coffee! After the oil change, we took little Nadia to her first pumpkin patch!! She was more excited about that haha!

Make sure you check out your Walmart, Shell Rotella Gas Truck Oil is on rollback.

This post is sponsored by Shell Rotella. #RotellaGasTruckRollback

Happy Driving,

Amira Omar

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1 Comment

Katya Janini - Hutson
Katya Janini - Hutson
Oct 27, 2019

Adorable, I need to try this on my SUV.

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