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Yumi Baby Food Service

"I'll never buy baby food, I'm making all her food"... Okay yea, that has changed! I promise, it sounded like it would be easy to do that, but sometimes you need a little help.

If YOU wouldn't eat or try the food you buy made for "babies" WHY would you feed them it? I never understood that and that's why I wanted to make sure what I gave my baby, Nadia was great! (a little secret. I ate some of her food sometimes ;) because it was that fresh, clean and GOOD!!) Yumi baby food delivery service was one of the first and only services I had tried.

All mama's know what's best for their babies, and I knew this was a great service with amazing quality ingredients and hands down, convenient! She started to test out solids at 4 months, and a month after (at 5 months) we decided to try this service out.

Yumi baby food service makes fresh, organic healthy baby food that gets delivered straight to your front door... best part.. you can change the delivery like I did when you go on vacation... Easy and one less thing you need to worry about when traveling.

(This was the delivery to CA for the week we were there for... after that we returned home to TX and continued the service there)

Nadia's food was prepared fresh every week, I had the chance to pick and choose from so many yummy flavors. The cool part is that each jar had so many great ingredients.. things I would have not thought about mixing together to make something she would enjoy that much. It was great, she was introduced to so many veggies, fruits, chia seeds, buckwheat and more. One of her favorites was the Japanese sweet potato.. honestly, I never tried that till she did!

The menu changes every week, with over 70 flavors, You can skip and or cancel ANYTIME.

Mama's, this service is awesome, I highly recommend it because I tried it, Nadia loved it and it was the perfect option for our family. Check them out and let me know if you do :)


*Sponsored by YUMI,

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lisa shen
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Yummy, so cute baby

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