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Boppy: Must Have for New Moms

Hello friends!! Man, it feels like its been forever since my last post but I'm back and I'm back as a MOM now!! :) (I'll be sharing more about my pregnancy and newborn baby girl, Nadia Jolene)... I wanted to share the one item that all mama's need from day one! Boppy Nursing Pillow.

Breastfeeding wasn’t the most comfortable experience for me at first... many of you mama's can agree with me. What does help is the position you choose to feed, regardless if you are breastfeeding or feeding with a bottle. I later realized that positioning my body in a way where it provides good arm support helped in getting my newborn to latch on easily and not feel too uncomfortable. It not only creates a comfortable environment for me and baby girl but it made it so MUCH easier to bottle feed, a great product for both scenarios.

These moments are so precious, to be able to cuddle and nurse... I seriously feel at ease and just pure comfort when she is in my arms. I'm living for these moments and I enjoy them so much, despite the exhaustion you feel during the first month with all the cluster feeding and no sleep.

This pillow is an item that should be in your baby registry because believe it or not, its an item that you will use to bond with your newborn from day one. It's such an amazing product to help you transition from the hospital pillow to when you first nurse your beautiful baby. What is GREAT about this product is that you don't just use it to just nurse! I personally used it as a bottle feeder, cuddle time, tummy time, and/or watch the game with daddy time!

You spend hours a day nursing your newborn, for that reason a Boppy pillow on your lap gives you the best comfort. This is a must have for every new mom, it's amazing and a great product to have from when the baby arrives and many more months after that.

Also, how cute are our matching set from Everly Grey in Analise 5-Piece Sparrow - its so comfortable and perfect for the hospital and at home to lounge in. It's soft and perfect for nursing.. WIN WIN... Baby girl looks so adorable, and I cant get over how cute the idea of having a matching outfit from day one.

Now if you can excuse me, baby girl woke up from a nap and needs me. :)

*Thank you to Boppy Company for sponsoring this blog post.


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1 Comment

Sarah Nesh
Sarah Nesh
Aug 11, 2019

Beautiful mommy and baby!

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